At some point in our lives many of us will experience difficulties which can impact upon our mental health. This distress can be eased by working alongside an experienced counsellor or therapist.  As these problems begin to reduce we can then move forward to create lasting change, achieving better overall health and fulfillment levels in life.



Counselling & Psychotherapy

Therapeutic support for individuals, couples, families, children and young people.

Professional counsellors are qualified in a variety of approaches including person-centred, CBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy. 


Services to

Several counsellors are involved in the delivery of employee assistance programmes (EAPS). Please check details on the ‘Counsellors and Therapists’ page.


Services for

We offer a secure, welcoming and cost-effective work environment for therapists who wish to build their private practice. 

They should either be accredited by their professional body (BACP or equivalent) or achieving accreditation within 12 months. 

For those interested in finding out more please contact the directors.